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Category Archives: Project 3

Here’s something I just came by on youtube which has some very odd shots, which could work as loops.


Watch as loop here


Chase is a conceptual video based around the idea of a loop, but also inspired by cinematic single take shots (such as the title sequence of JCVD). The goal was to take this sequence further and create a feeling of confusion on the part of the audience. When watching the loop; your view should sway between being chased and doing the chasing. There is also a presence of a dream like state when you continuously watch the loop run, the seamless transitions are meant to loss the viewer in never being able to out run or catch up to the subject. To further this feeling there are unexplainable illusions throughout the scene, the subject in the shot seems to jump between locations while the camera follows a set path. Finally the SFX were kept very subtle, with no music or specifically distinct sounds, to eliminate predictable auditory cues when running the video in a loop.


Some Inspiration