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Just a quick post about hooking up a photocell to your arduino. This setup should work for other variable resistors (flex, force, etc).

Materials you’ll need:

  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • Photocell
  • 10K ohm resistor (brown, black, orange)

    Arduino Sketch

     * Photocell Reading
     * -----------------
     * Read an analog value from a photocell (variable resistor)
     * connected to analog pin 0.
     * Created January 2010
     * Matt Wiechec
    int photocellPin = 0;     // select the input pin for the photocell
    int photocellVal;         // variable to store the analog valie from the cell
    void setup(void) {
      Serial.begin(9600);     // for debugging via the Serial Monitor
    void loop(void) {
      photocellVal = analogRead(photocellPin);  
      Serial.print("Photocell Val: ");
      Serial.println(photocellVal);     // the raw analog reading


    Photocell Schematic


    Photocell Illustration




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