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Arduino 101 & LED Blink

The How-To Tuesday series of videos from Make Magazine are a great place to start if you’re new to the Arduino platform. In this episode they take a look at the simplest of set ups – hooking up an LED to the arduino board and making it blink. You can also find alot of great information on the Arduino site.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Arduino Duemilanove
  • LED

    Arduino Sketch
    You can find this sketch under File > Examples > Digital > Blink

     Turns on an LED on for one second, then off for one second, repeatedly.
     The circuit:
     * LED connected from digital pin 13 to ground.
     * Note: On most Arduino boards, there is already an LED on the board
     connected to pin 13, so you don't need any extra components for this example.
     Created 1 June 2005
     By David Cuartielles
     based on an orginal by H. Barragan for the Wiring i/o board
    int ledPin =  13;    // LED connected to digital pin 13
    // The setup() method runs once, when the sketch starts
    void setup()   {                
      // initialize the digital pin as an output:
      pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);     
    // the loop() method runs over and over again,
    // as long as the Arduino has power
    void loop()                     
      digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);   // set the LED on
      delay(1000);                  // wait for a second
      digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);    // set the LED off
      delay(1000);                  // wait for a second


    LED Schematic


    LED Illustration




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