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Inside (Tunnel connecting B Wing to A Wing)
• paper bag crumpling
• even footsteps followed by plastic wheels rolling by
• door creeks open far away
• a person drags their shoes along the floor, slowly, pausing
• coins jingle in pocket
• keys jingle in pocket
• constant noise/unrecognizable chatter from far away
• beep (access card is swiped). Door opens
• Flip flops clack in the distance
• Laughter
• A table is dragged
• Jeans swoosh together; the pull tab from a zipper shakes
• Slippers clank by
• Loud solid heels walk by
• Someone runs by
• Door creeks open, at it closes it hits the frame, bounces off, and hits it again
• A man yells in the distance
• A conversation: ‘3, “how many?”, ‘3’, “3!”

Outside (Behind cafeteria, patio furniture, children’s daycare nearby)
• Kids playing, chanting/singing
• Ventilation/fan (white noise)
• Light paper crumpling
• Woman has a phone conversation
• Keys jingle
• Shoes drag across the floor, as they stop a door opens
• Bee (zzzz’s by ear)
• Door shuts
• Kids continue to chant (one girl seems to dominate)
• Paper crumples by
• Plane flies overhead
• Truck starts engine, releases air from hydraulics and drives forward
• Breaks squeal
• ‘Clack clack’ (something hitting?)
• Ding, ding – bike bell
• Engine shuts off
• Leaves ruffling

The particular sounds that were of dominance seemed to be everyday familiar things (shoes, footsteps, doors). Other sounds that dominated were more obvious loud, sharp sounds, something like change jingling. It was also interesting that when I heard a sound it almost became more common and easier to hear again. There were also sequences of sounds that once fixated on I stuck with them ignoring others (for example a truck which started its engine, released hydraulics, drove, turned off engine, etc.)

Sound recording was taken inside a Go bus heading from Sheridan to Square One. I’ve mostly described the sound and left the feeling/thought/etc out to see if the sound provokes something for you.

Sound that evoke an image:

  1. Clacking of a flip phone closing shut.
  2. Ruffling of soft plastic bag.

Images that evoke a sound:

  1. Overhead red plastic button labeled ‘Stop’.
  2. Traffic racing by outside the bus window, overpowered by the sound inside the bus.

Sound that provoke a feeling:

  1. Ambient noise inside the Go bus (humming of fans, chatter, cracking of plastic interior)
  2. Velcro strip separating

Sounds that provoke a thought:

  1. Driver announces stop over intercom
  2. Page flipping from textbook

Sounds that compete with an image:

  1. ?
  2. ?

Sounds that work counter to an image:

  1. Visible outside the window is a farm landscape, it’s presuming claim disturbed by the loud ambient noise inside the bus.
  2. ?

Sounds that were easiest to describe were those that seem very common such as the flip phone closing or plastic bag ruffling – I got these almost instantly. More difficult were finding competing images and sounds. I think this may be a result from the high level of ambient noise in the bus and relatively little visual stimulation/change.

I’m also interested if any of you guys, particularly those that don’t take the go bus, have feelings/thoughts provoked by the descriptions – so feel free to leave a comment.


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