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Clockworks is an experiment in time manipulation where natural elements of time progression (such as light, shadows, and even human movement) have been stripped away. This leaves only a mechanical component by which to tell time, which by its nature can be easily distorted by a person.

I wanted to challenge the typical notion of time-lapse photography and raise questions of whether this video is shot in sequence or if the clocks themselves have been altered to spin faster. Because we do not have natural elements of time progression visible (elements we cannot control) it is impossible to make the distinction.

So this exercise can be further explored by having the clocks slowed down to take 2 hours to progress only by 1. Or bounce back and forth between a time frame of only 5 minutes. All examples I think which relate back to how film editing can manipulate a time sequence.


On a technical note: I ran free software called Icarus Camera Control on a laptop which controlled the DSLR and took images at a set interval – this will save you from having to click the camera every time. It is also a great way to not disturb/move the camera since you don’t have to touch it.

And special thanks to Roger Wood from Klockwerks for letting us shoot in his studio.


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