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A couple years ago I did a project in Electronic Landscape where I photographed a subway journey using time lapse. The original project was a website but I’ve also included a GIF. Thought I’d share, details below:

Website Link


Short Brief
Create a web work based on the idea of interference/narrative where an orderly progression of events is disturbed or re-routed.

I wanted to capture the Bloor – Danforth subway ride in its entirety from the perspective of a rider. This would of course be a very linear experience, and gave me the opportunity to use a website to break/alter that effect. Using the horizontal scroll bar, the viewer is able to manipulate time and space at any pace they desire. The map and station links help to further break the natural linearity by removing the sequence in between. The experience of the subway rider is thus fundamentally rerouted and unique, while at the same time relatable.

Camera: Canon PowerShot S3 IS (6mp)

Setup: A tripod was set up inside the subway car, facing a window. Connected to a laptop running Canon Remote Capture, the camera took a photograph every 15 seconds for the entire journey.

Process: Over 180 images were cropped into ’window’ portions; the process was hastened using actions (or macros) in Photoshop. The resulting images were then placed in a long horizontal table inside an html page.

Side Note: For those of you interested, you ARE allowed to shoot on TTC property WITHOUT obtaining permission or permits, as long as it is for non commercial purpose. As stated by the TTC here (read last paragraph) and by Toronto TTC by-laws (specifically 16b) which states:

No person shall operate for commercial purposes any camera, video recording device, movie camera, or any similar device upon any vehicle or premises of the Commission without authorization.

Most TTC employees and Toronto police don’t know this, so just print these pages out and be polite.


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